Australia retain Ashes after final day of fourth test washed out

Manchester on July 23rd.
Australia kept the Ashes trophy because the fourth test at Old Trafford ended in a draw because of rain. England is now behind 2-1 in the series with one more match remaining.
In simpler words: England wanted to get five more outs on the last day of the fourth test match in Manchester to make the series tied at 2-2. They wanted the final test match in London to determine the winner. But unfortunately, the rainy weather disappointed the home fans.
This means that England cannot win the series, so Australia, as the current champions, would keep the Ashes.
England tried their best to win the next test match in Manchester after winning the previous one at Headingley, in order to make the series equal.
After scoring a very large 592 runs in their first turn at bat, which was the highest number of runs they have ever scored in an Ashes game on their home field since 1985, they felt frustrated because the opposing team, Australia, did a good job of playing and were able to score 317 runs. On the fourth day of the game, which was affected by rain, the tourists managed to reach a score of 214-5 in their second turn at bat.
Australia still needed 61 more points to make England play again, or continue batting until the end of the day to earn a tie and keep the Urn trophy.
The rainy weather in Manchester helped England because they couldn’t play cricket in the heavy rain. This meant that England’s hopes of winning the Ashes series and taking the trophy back from Australia would have to wait for another eight years.
Next week at the Oval, there is still a lot at stake, especially for Australia. They have the opportunity to win a series in England for the first time since 2001. Reuters is a news organization.

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