Australia saved by rain

Manchester, July 23
Australia kept the Ashes trophy after the fourth Test was a tie because of rain. This puts England behind with a score of 1-2 in the series, with one more match remaining.
England had to get five more outs in the last day of an exciting fourth Test to make the series tied at 2-2 and make sure the final Test in London next week would determine the winner. However, the rainy weather disappointed the home team.
This is an image of a cricket match between England and Australia. The image shows players on the field and spectators watching.
Caption: Excited supporters sit in the seats with umbrellas, eagerly waiting for the play to begin. Reuters is a news agency.
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The outcome means that England cannot win the series. As a result, Australia, who currently holds the Ashes, will keep them.
After winning the previous Test at Headingley, England did everything they could to come back and make the series even.
After scoring a very high score of 592 runs in their first turn to bat, which is the highest score in Ashes matches at home since 1985, they were disappointed as Australia fought well on the fourth day, which was interrupted by rain, and reached a score of 214 for the loss of 5 wickets in their second turn to bat.
Australia needed 61 more runs to make England bat again, or they needed to stay on the field until the end of Day 5 to get a draw and keep the Urn.
The weather in Manchester helped England because it rained so much that no more cricket matches could be played. This meant that England’s hope of winning the Ashes series and taking the trophy back from Australia would have to wait for another eight years. Reuters is a news organization.

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