BCCI bans journalist Boria Majumdar for intimidating Wriddhiman Saha

Wriddhiman Saha. Photo : (Twitter : Wriddhipops)

Wriddhiman Saha. Photo : (Twitter : Wriddhipops)

BCCI’s three-part council has viewed columnist Boria Majumdar to be liable of “danger and terrorizing” towards Wriddhiman Saha. Thus, Majumdar, who was named by Saha during the conference, stands prohibited by BCCI’s Apex Committee for a considerable length of time.

In an email to the State Associations, BCCI’s Interim CEO Hemang Amin reported the approvals forced on Majumdar, which thusly will deny the columnist of any press license, interviews with “enrolled” players and admittance to any BCCI or state cricket for a sum of two years.

“The main points of contention for thought for the BCCI Committee regarding this situation was to learn in the event that the messages sent by the columnist were in the idea of danger and terrorizing. The BCCI Committee thought about the entries by both Mr. Saha and Mr. Majumdar and presumed that the activities by Mr. Majumdar were to be sure in the idea of danger and terrorizing,” the email read.

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“The Apex Council of BCCI concurred with the proposals of the BCCI Committee and forced the accompanying approvals: (I) 2 (two) year prohibition on getting any certification as an individual from the press in any of the cricket matches (homegrown and global) in India; (ii) 2 (two) year restriction on getting any meeting with any enrolled players in India; and (iii) 2 (two) year restriction on admittance to any of BCCI and part affiliations possessed cricket.”

The advisory group including BCCI Vice-President Rajiv Shukla, Treasurer Arun Singh Dhumal and Apex Council Member Prabhtej Singh Bhatia was set up on February 25 after Saha has tweeted a screen capture of messages he had gotten from the writer on Saturday (February 19), after the manager hitter was avoided with regards to India’s Test crew for the approaching series against Sri Lanka.

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