Blast in police station storehouse in UP’s Shahjahanpur; three injured

Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh, on August 28th.
Three people, including a police officer, got hurt in an explosion at a storage building of Khutar police station. It happened on Monday while they were doing cleaning work.
There was a big explosion in a place called the ‘malkhana’. The malkhana is where the police keep things they took during an investigation. The Superintendent of Police (SP) Ashok Kumar Meena told PTI about it.
Meena said that Shailendra Shukla, Jaipal Singh, and Latif were hurt in the explosion while they were cleaning the storehouse. Shailendra Shukla is a police officer, Jaipal Singh is a retired police officer, and Latif is a security guard.
Some people who got hurt have been taken to a hospital nearby, he said.
The cause of the explosion is still unknown, according to the SP. They also mentioned that an investigation has been started to find out more about what happened.
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