Can I Take Vamika On Date?’: Little kid’s message for Virat during IPL match faces backlash, netizens want parents be penalised

Chandigarh, April 19

A visual during an IPL match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings has taken social media by storm after a kid flaunted a placard asking cricketer Virat Kohli if he could take latter’s daughter Vamika for a date.

The little lad in spectators was seen with a poster bearing message, “Hi Virat uncle, “May I take Vamika out on a date?”

A Twitter post in this regard has been put out by an account, Dr Nimo Yadav, who chided the child’s parents for the act. “Here is something wrong with parenting, idk why people are finding it cute,” the caption reads.

Since being shared, the post has accumulated over 6.6 lakh views. Netizens are extremely critical of the kid’s parents calling the act inappropriate. However they defended the kid calling him ignorant of what he was made to do by his parents.

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