Facing Pakistan attack no joke: Virat Kohli

On August 31 in Pallekele
Virat Kohli said that you need to be really good to face Pakistan’s great bowling team.
I think they are really good at bowling. They have some really effective bowlers who can change the game at any time with their skills. So, he said you need to be really good to face them.
Recently, Kohli has been doing well in ODIs. He has scored 554 runs in 13 matches since December, with an average of 50. 36
Kohli recently talked about how he improves his game. He said he focuses on figuring out how he can do better. Every day, every time I practice, every year, and every season, this is what has made me able to play so well for a long time and perform for my team.
“I believe you need to have the right mindset in order to be consistently successful. If your only focus is on achieving good results, you may become content and not put in the necessary effort. ” There is no end or restriction to it. There is no specific accomplishment that guarantees you’ve reached excellence. I try to improve myself every day, so “betterment” is a better word to use. And yes, performance naturally comes as a result because I focus on how to help my team win from this position.
Shami says he can bowl with a brand new ball or towards the end of the game.
Mohammed Shami doesn’t care if he has to use an old ball in the ODIs. He doesn’t have a big ego and will do what the team needs. It will be interesting to see who will be Jasprit Bumrah’s teammate, bowling at the beginning of the match against Pakistan on Saturday, now that he is back in the team for the Asia Cup. In the ODI series against Australia in March, when Bumrah was not playing, Shami and Mohammed Siraj took turns to bowl with the new ball.
“I have no problem with using the old ball for bowling. ” I don’t have a big ego like that. Shami said that the management will decide who among the three of us (Bumrah, Shami, and Siraj) is bowling the best.

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