Fracas at Jantar Mantar

Vinayak Padmadeo

New Delhi, May 3

Chaos reigned at Jantar Mantar when the protesting wrestlers and the Delhi Police got involved in a fracas, in which two persons, including Bajrang Punia’s brother-in-law, got injured.

The wrestlers wanted to get a few folding beds to the protest site as their mattresses got wet due to the rain today. The police, however, stopped the wrestlers from bringing the beds. When the wrestlers objected, it led to a fracas. Dushyant Phogat, who is Sangeeta Phogat’s brother and Vinesh Phogat’s cousin, was allegedly manhandled by the police personnel and suffered a head injury.

Dushyant was taken to the RML Hospital. In the incident, Rahul Yadav, the NCR head of the Bhartiya Kisan Union, also suffered a head wound.

Vinesh and Sangeeta said they were also pushed by the police when they tried to intervene. “A drunk police personnel abused me verbally, he also pushed me,” Vinesh said.

Bajrang, meanwhile, called out for support from the farmer unions. “I am calling each and every one of you to come to Jantar Mantar first thing in the morning. We have to end Delhi Police’s high-handedness,” he said.

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