Gautam Gambhir objects to camaraderie between India, Pak players during match; Shahid Afridi disagrees

Chandigarh, on September 8.
The cricket match between India and Pakistan in Kandy on September 2 in the Asia Cup had Gautam Gambhir, a former Indian cricketer, responding to the friendly relationship between the players of both teams.
After the match was canceled due to rain, the players were seen having a few fun and lighthearted moments together.
Gambhir said on Star Sports that he didn’t like how friendly they were. He said that when you play for your country, you should focus on the game and not be friends with the other team. It is important to have a serious and determined mindset for the game. Friendship should stay forever. It’s important to have a serious and focused expression, and keep personal relationships separate. Both teams’ players need to show aggression in their eyes.
“You can be very friendly after playing cricket for six or seven hours. ” Those hours are really significant because you are not only showing yourself, but also representing a country with more than a billion people.
These days, you often see players from different teams giving each other friendly pats on the back and fist bumps while playing a game. “It’s something that was not possible just a few years ago,” Gambhir added.
Shahid Afridi, former captain of Pakistan’s cricket team, has shared his thoughts on Gambhir’s statement.
Gambhir has his own opinion, but I disagree with him. I have a unique way of thinking. We play cricket and also represent our country. We have supporters in both countries. I believe it would be good if we spread a message of love and friendship. There is aggression on the field, but there is also life outside of it.
“Please summarize this passage using simpler language. “n
Shahid Afridi responded to a statement made by Gautam Gambhir regarding the Pakistan versus India cricket match in the Asia Cup 2023. The response was posted on Twitter and included hashtags for Pakistan, Shahid Afridi, Gautam Gambhir, Karachi, and India. The Twitter post also included a picture.
On September 5, 2023, Khel Shel posted something on Twitter.

The strong competitors will meet once more in a tournament called the Asia Cup on September 10th in Colombo.

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