Govt may give six months to industry to align with data protection rules: MoS for Electronics and IT

The government might allow businesses about six months to follow the Digital Personal Data Protection Act. The exact time will be decided after talking to the people involved. The government is prepared to make and announce the rules for the Data Protection Board. The minister wants the switch to the new rules to happen smoothly without causing problems for businesses. The businesses will be given time to adjust and make sure they are following the new rules correctly. In simpler words: Chandrasekhar said that there will be some time given, maybe around six months, for a smooth transition. This will allow people to understand their rights and for small businesses to adjust to the new rules. He also mentioned that the Data Protection Board is ready to be notified. Once it is set up, people will be able to file complaints under the Digital Personal Data Protection Act. Chandrasekhar explained that after the G20 event, there will be discussions with the industry to decide on how much time is needed for the transition. The G20 Summit is scheduled for September 9 and 10. He added that it will take about a month to appoint members to the Data Protection Board, once it is notified. When asked about import restrictions, Chandrasekhar stated that there are no plans to extend the deadline and it is up to the management of imports. The government has announced restrictions on the import of IT hardware such as laptops, tablets, and servers. From November 1st of this year, the government has made sure that IT equipment only comes from sources that can be trusted. Please rewrite this text in simpler words:

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