Hockey: India maul Japan 5-0 to enter Asian Champions Trophy final for fourth time

The text is talking about an event happening in Chennai on August 11th.
India won a big victory against Japan, beating them 5-0 in the Asian Champions Trophy hockey tournament. This win puts India in the final for the fourth time. The game took place at the Mayor Radhakrishnan Stadium.
India, who has won the championship three times before, decided to play a style of hockey where they put a lot of pressure on their opponents. On the other hand, Japan chose to play defensively and stayed close to their own goal to stop India from scoring.
India had the first opportunity to score in the match with a penalty corner, but Japan’s goalkeeper, Takashi Yoshikawa, confidently saved it, preventing the home team’s captain, Harmanpreet Singh, from scoring.
The Indians controlled the game and had more possession, while Japan had to try to catch up.
India scored their first goal in the 19th minute after Akashdeep Singh hit the ball into the net from a rebound. The rebound came from Hardik Singh’s shot that was saved by Japan’s second goalkeeper, Takumi Kitagawa.
In simple words, India continued playing well and got their second chance to score in the 23rd minute. India’s captain Harmanpreet hit the ball hard and low to the left side of the Japanese goalie’s net, increasing India’s lead.
India scored again right before half-time, increasing their lead by three points thanks to Mandeep Singh.
Manpreet Singh played a big role in getting the third goal. He stopped the ball in the middle of the field and got past three Japanese defenders to pass it to Mandeep. Mandeep only had to guide the ball into the goal.
India kept attacking the Japanese goal even after the change of ends.
Sumit most likely scored the best goal of the tournament by hitting the ball into the net with the back of his stick. He did this from a difficult position on the field, and Manpreet helped him by setting up the play from the right side.
Little Karthi Selvam scored the fifth goal for India in the 51st minute. He was assisted by Sukhjeet Singh, who received a perfect high ball from Harmanpreet.
India and Malaysia will play against each other in the final match on Saturday. Japan and South Korea, who are the defending champions, will compete for third-fourth place in another match.
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