In 2014, female wrestlers were pressured to comply: Physio

New Delhi, April 27

A day after revealing about the abuse of young girls who were part of the cadet national camp, physiotherapist Paramjeet Malik said he had seen a few girls leaving in cars at night during his stay at the national camp in 2014.

Malik, who was called into the national camp then by wrestler Geeta Phogat to help her recover from a knee injury, disclosed that he had seen the girls leave and there were several unauthorised women and men who were allowed inside the SAI campus in Lucknow.

“When I was there I saw everything that was happening. I found out that girls used to leave the premises in the night,” Malik said.

“They would leave the campus around 12 in the night. Every second day girls would be picked up in a car and then it would leave. After a few days I confronted the same girls about it, they told me they were being threatened into doing all this. They were told ‘we will end your career, declare you unfit and you will be removed from the camp,” Malik added.

He had raised the issue then with the media, who had come to cover trials. The same day Malik said he and his wife Suman Kundu, who had won bronze in the 2010 Commonwealth Games, were asked to vacate the premises.

“The day I raised the issue with coach Kuldeep Malik, he told me to leave. My wife was also told to go back home. I objected but was warned of dire consequences if we didn’t leave,” Malik recalled.

“I handed a letter to the then SAI director and also to Sen. My written complaint must still be lying in that office,” he added.

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