Indian men’s hockey team loses 1-2 to hosts Spain

Terrassa (a city in Spain) on July 25.
The Indian men’s hockey team played a tough game but lost 1-2 against Spain in their first match of the 100th Anniversary Spanish Hockey Federation international tournament.
Captain Harmanpreet Singh scored a goal for India in the 59th minute, following goals from Pau Cunill in the 11th minute and Joaquin Menini in the 33rd minute, which had given the home team the lead on Tuesday.
India began the game with a lot of energy and pressure in the first part, but they didn’t manage to get any points.
Spain started to gain speed and get stronger as the first quarter went on. Pau Cunill scored a goal to put the home team in the lead.
India tried to control the ball and attack in the second quarter to score a goal and tie the game. However, Spain’s defense was strong and didn’t let India come back.
The second quarter ended with no goals, and Spain was winning 1-0 at half-time.
The third part of the game started with the Indian team being aggressive and trying over and over again to break through Spain’s defense.
However, the hosts not only stopped India from scoring but also increased their lead when Joaquin Menini put the ball in the net after a powerful shot by Jose Basterra. This happened three minutes after the second half started.
India was losing by two goals, but then they started pressuring Spain a lot. They even got a chance to score from a penalty corner, but they couldn’t take advantage of it.
Additionally, the goalkeeper from Spain stopped Harmanpreet’s powerful shot from far away near the end of the third quarter. This ensured that the team playing at home had a two-goal lead going into the final 15 minutes of the game.
India played very aggressively in the last quarter and had chances to score, but they still had difficulty getting their first goal of the game.
Spain changed their strategy to focus on defending and then quickly attacking their opponent. They were able to win two penalty corner opportunities in a row, but were not successful in scoring a goal from them.
India kept attacking the home team’s defense and finally scored a goal from a penalty corner near the end of the game.
Spain stopped India from scoring another goal. The next match for the Indian team will be against the Netherlands on Wednesday.
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