Individuality of contestant is very important for me, says Neeti Mohan

Neeti Mohan is a singer famous for her Bollywood songs like Nainowale Ne and Ishq Wala Love. She is currently a judge on the show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2023. Neeti Mohan believes that the uniqueness and special qualities of each contestant are crucial to her. The show also includes Himesh Reshammiya, Anu Malik as judges, and Aditya Narayan as the host. Neeti has been on the show before as a judge in 2022. She has some tips for judging contestants. When she listens to someone, she keeps an open mind because everyone brings something unique from their background and experiences. So, if someone’s voice makes me feel emotional, that’s basically what the game is. Then you have convinced me or made me believe in something. If you have something that makes you unique and special, I value your personal qualities. “She said that what sets you apart from others is what makes you unique. Neeti explained that if you only emulate one voice because it’s the only one you’ve heard, she suggests listening to more singers and different genres of music so you can sing a variety of styles. ” It’s important because if you only stick to one style, it might limit your opportunities in this career. As for her experience with the show, the singer, who is now 43 years old, said that she used to watch and learn from it when she was a little girl. This show is very popular and I feel very lucky to be a part of it. It inspires many people to pursue a career in music. The new season of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is currently showing on Zee TV. The text is asking for a simpler version.

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