Katie Ledecky sets pool on fire yet again

Fukuoka in Japan, July 25.
Katie Ledecky from the United States won her 20th gold medal at the World Aquatics Championships. She won the women’s 1,500 meters freestyle event easily. In the men’s 200 meters freestyle event, Matthew Richards from Britain came first and another British swimmer came in second place.
This is a picture of a swimming competition.
Matthew Richards of Britain won the gold medal in the 200-meter freestyle swimming race.
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Seven-time Olympics champion Ledecky was expected to win the race since she was 13 seconds faster than Italy’s Simona Quadarella, the second-best swimmer in the heats. Ledecky even started the final race quicker than her own world record time.
Katie Ledecky swam a little slower after she got a big lead, but still finished first in 15 minutes and 26. 27 She was 17. 04 seconds faster than Quadarella, who got second place. Li Bingjie from China got third place.
Richards won the gold medal in the freestyle event with a time of 1:44. 30 His countryman, Tom Dean, came in second. David Popovici, who was expected to do well in the event at the Paris Olympics next year, was surprised and did not perform as well as anticipated. I’m really tired. “It was a really intense race,” Richards exclaimed. Reuters is a company or organization.

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