Olympics medallist Dahiya pinned in Asian Games trials

Ravi Dahiya, who won a silver medal in the Olympics, will not be competing for the rest of the season. He won’t compete in the Asian Games or the World Championships, which is an important competition for getting into the Paris Olympics. Dahiya lost in the 57kg trials for the Asian Games today. In a humiliating defeat, Dahiya was held down on the wrestling mat with the score showing 20-8 in favor of Atish Todkar. Dahiya made his knee injury worse and had to stop playing for the rest of the season. The doctors had already told Dahiya that he needs surgery to fix his knee because he has a torn meniscus and damaged ligament. But the 25-year-old didn’t listen to the advice because he really wanted to participate in the trials. Now he wants to meet with the famous bone specialist Dr. Dahiya’s mentor, Arun Kumar, said that they have requested a meeting with Dr. Pardiwala and he believes that they will be able to meet on Tuesday. They had previously visited a doctor in Shalimar Bagh because Dahiya was experiencing pain during training. They said we had to have surgery. He wanted to practice and participate in the tests. “We believe he will be prepared by January of the upcoming year,” Kumar stated. Dahiya hurt his right knee in February. He is courageous, but during practice we noticed that he was not completely healthy. We kept this injury a secret because we didn’t want anyone to focus on it. Now we understand that we have to do the surgery, said Kumar. Aman is eligible. Aman Sehrawat, the current gold medallist in the Asian Championships in the 57kg category, showed his dominance by defeating his fellow trainee Rahul at the Chhatrasal Stadium. He won 10-2 and secured a spot for the Asian Games. Rahul won against Todkar by a score of 10-0 in the semifinals. In the 65kg division, Vishal Kaliraman came in first place, not Sujeet Kalkal, by defeating Rohit with a score of 9-3 in the final round. Kalkal’s request in the Higher Court to challenge Bajrang Punia’s special permission was denied. Even though Vishal won, his name will be put on standby. “It is a really unfortunate situation to find yourself in. ” I won four matches today in the trial, which means I won’t be competing in the Asian Games. Vishal said sending Bajrang without trial is not right and unfair. Olympian Deepak Punia and Sumit Malik also made it to the team. Standby names will be sent in all weight categories for the Asian Games. Before, only the backup wrestlers in Bajrang Punia’s weight group and Vinesh Phogat’s group were going to be sent.

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