Pakistani girl heartbroken after Virat Kohli’s poor performance in India-Pakistan match; chooses him over Babar Azam

Chandigarh, on September 4th.
An India vs Pakistan match is always guaranteed to make fans experience strong emotions, whether it’s happiness or sadness.
Their recent fight in Kandy during the Asia Cup 2023 was also like this. The match couldn’t finish because of rain, which made fans upset. Now there’s a video going viral on social media of a fan who is very sad.
This woman from Pakistan really really loves Virat Kohli.
The popular video shows her saying that Kohli is her favorite player and that she came specifically to watch him play.
The fan thought that the Indian batter would hit a century (score 100 runs) in the game, but was very disappointed when it didn’t happen.
The woman had flags from both India and Pakistan painted on her cheeks and said she liked and supported both countries.
When given the option to pick between Kohli and Pakistan’s star batter and captain Babar Azam, the woman decided to go with Kohli.

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We should learn from Pakistani cricket fans who are always graceful whether they win or lose. Keep the game as a game. The word “INDvsPAK” is a hashtag on Twitter. It is a link that goes to https://twitter. com/hashtag/INDvsPAKsrc=hashamp;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw There is also another link that goes to https://t. co/DfJYVZdZsl, which shows a picture.
Sangita tweeted on September 3, 2023.
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The India-Pakistan match on September 2, Virat scored only four runs from seven balls when Shaheen Afridi bowled him.

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