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Chennai, on August 13th.
The coach, Craig Fulton, said that winning the Asian Champions Trophy is important because it will help India qualify for the Paris Olympics. They are aiming to win the gold medal at the Asian Games to secure automatic qualification.
India managed to come back and win the final match against Malaysia, even though they were losing by two goals initially. This victory allowed India to secure their fourth ACT title.
Fulton was asked if a thrilling final like this will be helpful for the team in the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games starting on September 23.
“Final exams are tricky, they never go smoothly. ” It all boils down to a single moment or deciding with shootouts. “So, it’s crucial to have a game like this because it truly matters,” Fulton explained.
“At the same time, ACT is different from the Asian Games. ” Okay, our feet are standing firmly on the floor. But, if you told me that I could win the Asian Games but lose this final, I would definitely choose to win the Games,” he said.
Fulton said that the team’s comeback story started two months ago. When asked what he learned from this tournament, he said, “It’s not a good idea to have tournaments one after another; we should have a break before starting another one. ”
Two matches happening one after the other.
Decoding India’s performance, Fulton, gave credit to Malaysia and explained that reaching the final after a tough match against Japan the day before was challenging. India beat Japan 5-0 in the semi-finals.
We had a great game against Malaysia. In the semi-finals, there was an excellent match played against Japan. It is always difficult to provide evidence or support for something. Malaysia stepped up their performance and dominated the first half. “We didn’t do great, but we weren’t fully dedicated to what we were trying to do,” he said.
“We came together again during the break. ” All we needed was a target to recover. Then, it just took some time to tie the score and attempt to become the winner,” he said.
Fulton praised his boys for relying on each other when they faced challenges. He said that the team’s true character was shown by their ability to come back from being two goals behind.
“You will meet guys who have faith in one another and believe they can accomplish the task. ” They are sure about taking on a challenge. After the first half, we decided to push harder, and both the younger and older players stood up and played better. The team’s personality is awesome. “This step is very important because you need to understand that you can catch up, it’s easy to play when you are winning by two or three goals,” he said. PTI is a party.
India has returned to the number one position. 3 years after two years.
New Delhi: India has moved up to third place in the FIH rankings after winning the Asian Champions Trophy. This is great news for them before the Asian Games. India moved up to third place, surpassing England. They are now behind Netherlands and Belgium. India has 2771. 35 points, while England has 2763. 50 points India received a similar position in 2021 after winning a bronze medal in the Tokyo Olympics.
Australian teams secure spots in the Olympics.
Lausanne: The men and women from Australia are the first hockey teams to secure spots in the Paris Olympic Games next year. France, the host country, will also be participating in the big event. The Australian teams won against New Zealand at the Oceania Cup. Companies or organizations

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