R Praggnanandhaa sends semifinal into tie-break

Baku, Azerbaijan – On August 20, a young Indian chess player named R Praggnanandhaa drew with American player Fabiano Caruana in the second game of the chess World Cup semifinal. This resulted in a tie, so they will have a tie-breaker game. The 18-year-old person and Caruana have played two matches and the score is now tied 1-1. Tomorrow, they will have a tie-break to determine who will move forward to play against the world’s number one player, Magnus Carlsen. The game between Praggnanandhaa and world No. 3 Caruana ended in a tie after 47 moves. Carlsen and Abasov played a game. After 74 moves, they decided to stop and call it a draw. Carlsen won the overall match 1-0 and will now compete in the final. Rewrite this text using easier words:

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