Shubman Gill wants to make No. 3 own

In Roseau (Dominica), on July 12th.
1 opener in the Indian team. He is confident about doing well in his new position as the number 1 opener. There are 3 players who take turns hitting the ball. Gill will replace Cheteshwar Pujara at No. The text is about a series of two cricket matches against the West Indies team.
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Ravichandran Ashwin took four wickets for 49 runs. AP/PTI stands for Associated Press and Press Trust of India.
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Yashasvi Jaiswal, who is new to the team, has been given the job of starting the game with captain Rohit Sharma in the first match of the series. They asked me where I wanted to bat on the team, and I said I wanted the number “No. 1” Rewrite this text using simpler words: Gill said, “It is a place where I want to gather all my things together. ”
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3 Ashwin became the third Indian bowler, after Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh, to achieve 700 international wickets.
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Gill said that his previous experience of opening for India will be helpful in his new role. Playing with a new ball is always fun and enjoyable. I know how to play with the new ball, especially when you are batting at No. “He said it’s almost the same. ”
The Punjab player had a great year, starting with two wins in one-day international games against New Zealand. He was the first person to achieve a score of 100 runs in Test matches, One Day International matches, Twenty20 International matches, and Indian Premier League matches all in the same year.
Gill is finishing a unique month-long break. I really liked having a one-month break. During that time, I got to spend quality time with my family. This is the first time I’ve been to Dominica. “I said we arrived here early and had a good training session. ”
Skipper Rohit said that Gill talked to coach Rahul Dravid about making changes in his batting position. Gill will be playing in the position labeled No. 3 because he wants to play there. He talked with Rahul (Dravid) and told him that he played all his cricket at a certain position. I believe I would perform better for my team if I bat at the number 3 or 4 position. “3 feet,” Rohit said. This also benefits us because it forms a combination that opens from both sides. We are hoping that this will continue for a long time as we really need a left-handed person. We have a left-handed player called Jaiswal, and we hope he does well for the team and keeps that position.
Ashwin gets four.
Ravichandran Ashwin, a prime off-spinner, took 4 wickets for 49 runs and became the third Indian bowler to reach 700 wickets in international matches. The West Indies team was at a score of 137 runs for the loss of 8 wickets during the first Test match. This happened on the opening day of the match.
Ashwin achieved a milestone when he got his third wicket by dismissing Alzarri Joseph who had scored 4 runs. He is the third Indian to achieve this, after Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh.
Later, he refused to let Alick Athanaze score fifty points on his first game, getting him out when he was only three points away from reaching that goal. Athanaze tried to hit the ball really hard, but he got caught by Shardul Thakur at the middle of the field. Ravindra Jadeja got 2 wickets for 24 runs, while Mohammed Siraj and Thakur each got one wicket. PTI is the abbreviation for a political party.
Scoreboard is a display that shows the scores or points earned by different teams or players in a competition or game.
West Indies had their first turn to bat.
K Brathwaite got out, with Sharma catching the ball and Ashwin bowling, and he scored 20 runs.
T Chanderpaul was dismissed by Ashwin for 12 runs.
R Reifer, the batsman, was caught by C. Kishan, bowled by Thakur.
Jadeja bowled to Blackwood, and Siraj caught the ball, dismissing Blackwood for 14.
A Athanaze scored 47 runs against Thakur, with Ashwin being the bowler.
J Da Silva got out after being bowled by Jadeja, with a catch taken by Kishan, earning 2 runs for the team.
Holder was caught by Thakur and bowled by Siraj, scoring 18 runs.
Joseph got out by Unadkat bowled Ashwin, and it was a four.
R Cornwall is currently batting and has scored 8 runs without being dismissed.
K Roach scored 0 runs and was not dismissed.
Additional information: (2 boundaries, 5 leg byes, 2 no balls, 1 wide ball) 10.
The total score is 137 runs, with 8 wickets lost in 58 overs.
The FOW (fall of wickets) in the game were as follows: 1st wicket fell at 31 runs, 2nd wicket fell at 38 runs, 3rd wicket fell at 47 runs, 4th wicket fell at 68 runs, and 5th wicket fell at 76 runs.
Six minus one hundred seventeen, seven minus one hundred twenty-four, eight minus one hundred twenty-nine.
Bowling – Overs Maiden Runs Wickets

Paragraph: Mohammed Siraj’s numbers are 12, 2, 25, and 1.
Jaydev Unadkat took 7 wickets for 17 runs and didn’t score any runs himself.
Ravichandran Ashwin took 4 wickets, giving away only 21 runs in 6 overs and 49 balls.
Shardul Thakur took 7 wickets for 3 runs in 15 overs.
Ravindra Jadeja got 11 runs, took 5 wickets, conceded 24 runs, and bowled 2 overs.

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