Tokyo Olympics 2020 : Indian Sailors continue to languish at bottom.

Image Credit : PTI

Enoshima: Indian cruising pair of KC Ganapathy and Varun Thakkar completed a respectable seventh in one of the two races in men’s rowboat 49er yet mulled at seventeenth position generally at the Tokyo Olympics on Thursday.

Ganapathy and Thakkar finished at sixteenth in Race 5 preceding pulling off a seventh-place finish in the close to possess seventeenth spot out of 19 contenders with 76 net focuses.

Six races and decoration round still stay in the opposition at Enoshima Yacht Harbor.

Another Indian, Vishnu Saravanan was at 23rd position generally out of 35 mariners in the laser occasion with 138 net focuses in the wake of completing 27th and 23rd in Race 7 and 8 on Thursday.

Two additional races and award round stay in the occasion.

Nethra Kumanan likewise proceeded with her disillusioning structure as she was set 31st with 176 net brings up of 44 mariners in the ladies’ laser spiral in the wake of completing 22nd and twentieth in the seventh and eighth races.

Every occasion comprises of a progression of races. Focuses in each race are granted by position: the victor gets one point, the second-set finisher scores two, etc.

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