User safety super important, using AI as tool to combat misinformation: Meta India head

New Delhi, on September 5th.
The parent company of Facebook and WhatsApp, called Meta, thinks that keeping users safe is really important. They are using AI technology to fight against false information. The head of Meta in India, Sandhya Devanathan, said this.

Meta will keep working on ensuring the fairness and honesty of elections in India as the country prepares for the Lok Sabha elections next year, she informed PTI.
Devanathan, the Vice President of Meta in India, mentioned that the company has put in a significant amount of resources into ensuring user safety.
Devanathan explained that Meta has a plan to stop false information and hateful language on its platform, and one of the ways they will do this is by using technology.
AI, or Artificial Intelligence, has helped us a lot in fighting false information and keeping people safe on our platforms. She said that about 85% of harmful content is taken out by AI before a person needs to handle it, and she believes that this is a good use of technology.
She said: “We have 3. 88 billion things people do every month. ” AI has been a very important tool here.
In India, Meta has people who check and remove harmful content in different languages to ensure it doesn’t stay on their platforms.
We work with 11 fact-checkers who speak different languages to review information. She said that it is the biggest partnership we have worldwide for Meta. In this partnership, we work with third-party fact checkers who check the facts on our platform.
Meta has focused on education and making sure users are aware of things. Rewrite: ” Telling people about the options they have, the settings that keep their information private. How to recognize false information on our site. “So, we will keep putting money into that area,” said Devanathan.
India has a lot of people who use Facebook – around 400 million users currently. The number of users keeps growing.
Meta has been working to make sure that elections on their platform are fair. They have already helped with about 200 elections and will keep helping with Indian elections too.
“But I believe it is important to focus on the tasks of fact-checking, educating people, and assisting them in identifying false information. ” She said that this should be something that goes on all the time, not just during elections.
It is important to mention that India is a big market for social media companies like Meta, Google, and X. This is because they are experiencing a rapid increase in smartphone sales and they have very affordable data plans which are helping digital platforms grow.
Social media companies have been criticized globally and in India for causing harm to users and allowing the spread of false information, hate speech, and fake news on their platforms.
Some users are upset because they think that digital platforms are unfairly removing content or not responding quickly to complaints, even when users try to bring issues to their attention.
India has made stricter regulations for social media companies. This means that these companies will now have more responsibility towards the people who use their platforms.
The government wants people to feel safe and trust the internet and social media. They will do whatever it takes to make sure there are rules and protections in place for people using digital technology.
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