Watch video: Bonhomie among India, Pakistan players before Asia Cup clash wins hearts online

In Pallekele, Sri Lanka, on September 2nd.
Virat Kohli approached Haris Rauf, they hugged and talked and laughed together. Maybe they were joking about the two sixes on a clear night in Melbourne last year.
It wasn’t just pretending or acting. It was very sincere and heartfelt. But that moment at the Pallekele Stadium is more important than its temporary worth.
The evolving relationship between Indian and Pakistani cricket players is different from the tense political connection between the two South Asian neighbors.
Later on, Kohli also met with Pakistan’s vice-captain Shadab Khan and they spent some time together by the campfire.
Mohammed Siraj and Rauf talked about the Pallekele pitch during a meeting for fast bowlers.
The pictures and videos became very popular on social media and lots of people liked them.
It would have been an amazing thing to see for a fan from the 1980s or 1990s. In the past, cricket players rarely showed friendship in public, and people didn’t think highly of it.
Behind the stage, they stayed as friends.
Imran Khan and Wasim Akram would visit either New Delhi or Mumbai when they were invited personally or they would gather with other players at a fancy hotel in Dubai to share stories. But not very much during the day.
Maybe, these players are now seeing cricket as just a game or they are brave enough to make decisions about it on their own.
Kohli was not doing well in cricket, and Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan, sent a nice message to support him using his secret account.
He didn’t try to gain a few thousand social media followers quickly. Instead, he made a sincere statement as a fellow international cricketer who understands the challenges of playing at a high level.
But sometimes, the fans from both sides of the border go too far.
The trolls on social media are arguing about who is better, Kohli or Babar, using made-up numbers and funny pictures. They want to prove that their favorite player is the best. It can quickly become bad.
But Babar and Kohli are not affected by this online frenzy. Actually, Kohli recently said that the Pakistan captain is the best player in all types of cricket matches today.
A Babar Azam press conference these days hardly ends without someone asking him about his made-up rivalry with Kohli.

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Pakistan and India players are meeting before the PAKvIND match in Kandy for the Asia Cup 2023. Here is a picture of their meeting: [picture link].
On September 1, 2023, Pakistan Cricket tweeted a message.
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The press conference before Pakistan’s Asia Cup match against India on Friday was the same as usual.
In 2019, when I first saw him, he was doing really well. He is still at his highest point. I wanted to steal something from his game. I learned many things from him. “He explained everything clearly in response to all my questions,” Babar had said.
“That person was supportive and we always show mutual respect. ” I don’t understand what people from other places are discussing, so I let them handle those conversations.
Regardless of the growing friendliness, many fans still view an India-Pakistan match as extremely important and feel as though their life depends on the outcome.
Shahid Afridi, a former cricket player from Pakistan, had to go to court in Lahore because he claimed that he was more liked in India.
Some crazy acts will continue to exist. Maybe, some TVs will be thrown off the balcony or photos of cricket players will be decorated with sandals after their team loses.
The cricketers have shown that they are not thinking about their unresolved problems with others. Please write this text using simpler words.

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