Will never say I am the greatest Indian track and field athlete of all time: Neeraj Chopra

On August 28th, there will be an event in Budapest.
Neeraj Chopra is considered to be the best sportsperson in India’s history, but he does not like any mention of this.
Chopra, who is famous for being humble as well as his exceptional javelin skills, became the world champion by throwing the javelin a distance of 88.
17m in Budapest on Sunday night.

He is the first Indian track and field athlete to win a gold medal in the Olympics. “Please rephrase this text using simpler words. ”
The text says that there is no doubt about who is the best Indian track and field athlete of all time, but Chopra, who is very humble, doesn’t want to be part of the discussion.
“I will never say that someone is the best ever. ” People think that only the gold medal from the World Championships is missing. I have won, but I still have many tasks to complete, so I will concentrate on finishing them. I don’t want to say this phrase (the best ever).
“Jan Zelezny is the best javelin thrower of all time,” he said, referring to the world record holder.
Zelezny is a famous javelin thrower from the Czech Republic. He broke the world record by throwing the javelin 98. 48mHe also won three gold medals in the Olympics and three gold medals in the World Championships. He is also someone who Chopra really looks up to.
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The World Championships are harder than the Olympics.
The 25-year-old person thinks that the World Championships are more difficult than the Olympics.
The Olympics were really important and the World Championships is a really big achievement. The World Championships are more challenging than the Olympics when it comes to competition. All the players arrive ready for this.
A lot of people from India came here and the local public was very supportive. So the victory is very unique.
He also said good things about his teammates, Kishore Kumar Jena and DP Manu. They both did well and finished in the top eight.
Kishore Jena and DP Manu did really well and finished in fifth and sixth place. Our sports team is getting bigger. But we also need to do many tasks. I talked to Adille sir, who is the AFI president, about the Mondo tracks here. I hope that we will also have these tracks in India, just like we do here. Chopra said that we will improve even more in the upcoming years. Please rewrite the text you want me to simplify, as I am unable to process the given text.

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