World champion Neeraj Chopra finishes second in Zurich Diamond League

Zurich, on August 31st.
Newly crowned world champion Neeraj Chopra took second place in the men’s javelin event at the Diamond League Meeting on Thursday. Although he wasn’t at his best, he managed to throw 85. 71 meters in the final round.
A 25-year-old named Chopra, who is the current Olympic champion, made three valid throws of 80. 79m, 8522m, and 8571m The other three throws were considered fouls. He came in second place behind Jakub Vadlejch from Czech Republic, who won a bronze in the World Championships.
The Indian superstar, who has not lost any matches this season until Thursday, earned enough points to make it to the Diamond League finals on September 17 in Eugene, USA, after participating in three meets. He won the Diamond League trophy last year.
He won two important competitions in Doha and Lausanne before winning a gold medal in the World Championships in Budapest with a very long throw.
During the press conference before the event, Chopra mentioned that he felt some pain in his shoulder and back after winning the gold medal in the World Championships. He wasn’t completely healthy for the big event because he had hurt his groin while training in May-June.
Chopra started with a distance of 80. 79 meters, which placed him in second place. However, he made two mistakes in his next throws and dropped to fifth place. At the halfway point, Julian Weber from Germany was in first place.
But in his fourth try, Chopra threw the object 85. 22 meters and moved up to the second position. At that point, Vadlejch was in first place.
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