World Cup 2023: I hope it’s not only about India and Pakistan, says Gambhir

Former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir said that it is more important for the Indian team to focus on winning the 2023 World Cup rather than just their match against Pakistan. He mentioned this after the India-Nepal Asia Cup game and said that the match against Pakistan is just one step towards winning the World Cup. You enter the tournament without realizing that we just need to defeat Pakistan. I hope the same thing doesn’t happen in the 50-over World Cup in India. I hope it’s not just about India and Pakistan on October 14th. I really want India to play in the World Cup final and win, because we can’t be sure how many players from this team will be in the next World Cup. “And it only occurs every four years,” Gambhir said. “As a country, as fans, as broadcasters, we need to shift our focus from solely India and Pakistan. ” The main focus is on winning the World Cup. Pakistan is a small area or section. He said that winning the World Cup is the main goal and the match against Pakistan is just a small part of that journey. He talked about the 2007 and 2011 Indian teams that also won the World Cup, and mentioned that they also started their campaign against Pakistan. It wasn’t only about Pakistan. Even in 2011, the focus was not on Pakistan, Pakistan was only a part of the process. When asked as a broadcaster, Gambhir said that if we focus on winning the World Cup instead of just the India vs Pakistan match, then Team India will be in a better position. The highly-anticipated match between India and Pakistan, which was initially supposed to happen on October 15, has now been moved to October 14 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

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