FIH abandons trial of new PC rule

Chennai, August 11 The international hockey federation (FIH) announced today that they will not continue with the trial of the new penalty corner rule because they don’t want to change the existing rule too much. The penalty corner rule is an important part of the game and they want to keep it the same. FIH president Tayyab Ikram said that the format being considered during the trial will not be taken into consideration anymore. The proposed rule stated that all attackers, except the pusher at the backline, had to start at least five meters outside the striking circle. The ball had to travel outside the dotted line, which is five meters beyond the D, before it could be played back into the striking circle for a shot on goal. This new rule was being tested for the safety of the defenders. We wanted to give them more time to react to situations while quickly defending drag-flicks that can go very fast. We won’t do anything that would make the game dangerous or unsafe for our athletes. “We have to make sure they are safe,” Ikram said. “We want to keep the penalty corner small because it not only helps us score goals but also adds excitement to our sport. We want to keep it like that. “But we will keep gathering information about where the injuries occur more frequently, whether it is on the field or during penalty corners,” he added. Pakistan’s interim coach, Muhammad Saqlain, believes that the national federation is responsible for the poor condition of hockey in the country. He thinks it is important to eliminate corrupt individuals within the sporting body in order to save the game in Pakistan. Pakistan, just like India, has a long and successful history. They have earned eight medals in the Olympics, including three gold medals. They have also won four world titles and eight Asian Games championships. But things have only gotten worse for Pakistan hockey since 2010, when the country won its last major medal, a gold, in the Guangzhou Asian Games. The Pakistan Hockey Federation needs to improve in order for hockey in Pakistan to continue existing. I was talking to Dilip Tirkey, who is the president of Hockey India, the other night. He told me about the amount of money invested in Indian hockey, but it was so much that I couldn’t keep track of it all. Saqlain said that when you put a lot of effort into something, you are very likely to achieve good outcomes. He made this comment after his team won a 6-1 victory over China and finished fifth in the Asian Champions Trophy. “Our team played tough hockey against strong opponents after not competing for eight months. It is difficult to stay competitive in international hockey under these circumstances. ” We must remove the problem people in the PHF. Please simplify the following text: Sure, I can do that for you.

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